• FTM Prosthesis LR2-210CU STP

FTM Prosthesis LR2-210CU STP

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Product Description

Model LR2-210CU
is a circumcised, flaccid penis imitation. It is almost entirely soft and is perfectly suitable for using it in public places such as swimming pools, beaches or anywhere where you will be seen wearing only your underwear.

Not suitable for sexual intercourses.
LR2-210CU has urination system.
Size: length 11 cm, girth 10,5 cm, weight 187 g

Model LR2-210CU can be used with STP devices or with out as a normal Like Real packer.


Additional Information

To assure the quality of our STP prostheses and packers, it will take up to 15 business days to produce your
custom made LIKE REAL products.
Additional time is required to deliver your order.


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FTM Prosthesis MODEL LR2-210CU

LR2-210CU is circumcised and has NEW 2012 urination system.
Size: length 11 cm, girth 10,5 cm, weight 187g