FTM prosthesis LR2-400 STP

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This erect penile prosthesis is a hard version designed in a way that the base of the penis shaft is soft enough to be fitted in underwear but hard enough to be comfortably inserted into a vagina.

Suitable for sexual intercourses.

LR2-400 has  urination system.
Size: length 16 cm, girth 13 cm, weight 300 g


This model has special hole for STP devices.

Model LR2-400 STP can be used with STP devices or with out as a normal Like Real packer.


Additional Information

STP divaces as GoGirl, WhizFreedom, Shewee etc. are not sold by LIKE REAL, and must be purchased separately.

To assure the quality of our STP prostheses and packers, it will take up to 15 business days to produce your
custom made LIKE REAL products.
Additional time is required to deliver your order.


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FTM Prosthesis LR2-400

LR2-400 penile prosthesis has urination system ( STP ).
Size: length 16 cm, girth 13 cm, weight 300 g