FTM PROSTHESES LIKE REAL are new opportunities and the most advanced technologies.



What are LIKE REAL Prostheses?

LIKE REAL prostheses are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and unbelievable freedom in ordinary life.
They are furnished with a unique system of urination in a vertical position without the necessity of prior preparations and exercises.
It is as easy and intuitive as any other physiological activities.


Why is LIKE REAL Prosthesis a good solution?

Creating LIKE REAL prostheses we were inspired by, most of all, transsexual peoples needs and insufficient availability of such products on the market.
Conversing with a great number of transsexual people we made sure that the whole idea is of paramount importance and beneficial for a specific sexual and social minority.
Prostheses also constitute an alternative to surgeries whose results do not always look up
to our expectations and may leave unattractive scars and empty bank accounts.
Think it over which solution will prove to be the best for you! Before you decide to have a surgery
it is worth trying out our prostheses! Perhaps they will change your life and prevent from irreversible effects of a scalpel.


...and more about LIKE REAL prostheses...

Our prostheses are made from the highest quality materials frequently employed in
the fields of medicine and special effects of contemporary worldwide cinematography.
The prostheses are resistant to both weather and physical conditions such as extension, bending or tearing.
LIKE REAL prostheses are also capable of adapting to your body shape and temperature.
The materials used in our prostheses have international certificates and attestation.
They are entirely safe and anti-allergic.





Materials and quality of LIKE REAL prostheses are astounding!
Each prosthesis is in a way a separate work of art. Colours and realistic painting
of each model make an amazing and unforgettable impression.
Penises  have such a genuine appearance that strangers scrutinizing the prostheses really carefully will not be able to exclude their authenticity! Innovative material, of which the prostheses are made, has a specially patented human skin texture and is very nice and absolutely penis-like  to the touch.





LIKE REAL laboratory, except for using a unique new technology, has employed first-rate professionals who have taken care of a maximally realistic
prostheses appearance. Designed shapes, flexibility, colour and shades are the result of the high quality and artistic skills of LIKE REAL crew members.
These extraordinary products made in our Laboratory by means of Hollywood
technologies will give you satisfaction and provide exceptional comfort in everyday use.