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Our prostheses are made from the highest quality materials frequently employed in the fields of medicine and special effects of contemporary worldwide cinematography. The prostheses are resistant to both weather and physical conditions such as extension, bending or tearing. 
LIKE REAL prostheses are also capable of adapting to your body shape and temperature. The materials used in our prostheses have international certificates and attestation. They are entirely safe and anti-allergic.
LIKE REAL prostheses are the result of a unique combination of a make-up and special effects experience as well as understanding the needs of transsexual community.
Each model has a uniquely designed system of urination without prior preparations or exercises. It is straightforward and virtually natural, providing comfort and discretion to the prosthesis user at the same time. Our prostheses have been designed and made exclusively for a transsexual person before the third operation.
Materials and quality of LIKE REAL prostheses are astounding! Each prosthesis is in a way a separate work of art.
Colours and realistic painting of each model make an amazing and unforgettable impression.
Penises have such a genuine appearance that strangers scrutinizing the prostheses really carefully will not be able to exclude their authenticity! Innovative material ,of which the prostheses are made, has a specially patented human skin texture and is very nice and absolutely penis-like to the touch. Designed shapes, flexibility, colour and shades are the result of the high quality and artistic skills of LIKE REAL crew members.
These extraordinary products made in our Laboratory by means of Hollywood technologies will give you satisfaction and provide exceptional comfort in everyday use. LIKE REAL prostheses are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and unbelievable freedom in ordinary life.

„...We Can Change Your Life ! ”